Team Ed

Who is the "Ed" in TrustEd? We are all Ed. Our staff is about establishing trust. We endeavor to be TRUSTED in all that we do.

Whether working on your home, taking care of an emergency or conferring with you on possibilities, we all come from the friendly, conversational place of ensuring you are heard, listened to and left with a confident feeling that we are working in behalf of your best interests.

We wanted a personification of our business. Caring, experienced and trustworthy. Always looking out for the client. Always respecting the money, time and energy that goes into purchasing and loving a house.  Respecting the consistent effort it takes to keep it a home. That is what the Ed in TrustEd represents. We are Team Ed.

Meet the Team

As entrepreneurs in their own right, husband and wife team Thomas Anderson (Potomac Run Development) and Talmar Anderson (Talmar It Up, Influence Circle, Business Side of Business podcast) have decided to build this together!

TrustEd At Home is the result of joining the forces of Thomas' building and house "know how" with Talmar's business and operations "know how"!  Our clients benefit by Home Advocates handling the maintenance all year round AND being available to help in emergency situations.  There is a never a better time to have someone you can trust than in that moment of need.  Let us help you Stay Off The Ladder!

Talmar HEadshot

Talmar Anderson

Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of experience including 20 years managing multi-million dollar businesses, Talmar quickly applies her insights to create operational plans, build processes or systems, and grow teams all while constantly focusing on growing profits. Her specialty is creating organizational structure through the development of systems, human capital and process in line with industry best practices while aspiring to exceed those standards and grow the company’s competitive edge. Often times this includes innovation or diversification and the development of new process and procedures to support success.

standing thomas

Thomas Anderson

Founder & COO

With over 18 years in the construction industry including custom building and designing both in Virginia as well as Arizona, Thomas has the experience that allows him to easily listen and work with clients' to meet their needs. Whether solving sudden and stressful repair problems, creating a space to allow your loved ones to Age in Place or working with you to design and remodel the home that you want and deserve through his company Potomac Run Development, Thomas will be there to listen and excel for you.

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Experienced  & Trusted
Residential Construction
Project Manager


Ed IS based on our son's grandfather Ed.  And our Bitmoji certainly is based upon his good looks! ( BEST FUN RESOURCE THERE IS...DO YOU BITMOJI?CHECK THEM OUT! )

Next Steps...

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