Crowdsource “Trustworthy” Help, or Hire TrustED?

There are many online resources for finding people who can work on your home. You can read consumer opinions about local services on Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, ThumbTack, Yelp, Google and others you’ve never even heard of.

How Trustworthy Are Those Crowdsourced Reviews?

A few years back, Consumer Reports asked the same question. They found, for example:

  • Companies that earned a B- rating or better from consumer reviews – and paid to advertise on Angie’s List – were moved to the top of their grade list.
  • Companies on Google + Local were encouraged to answer unhappy customers with coupons or free offers (nothing wrong with that, except appeased customers could then remove bad reviews).
  • While responding to bad reviews about your business is a good thing, many customers on Yelp changed or removed bad reviews after companies responded – skewing reviews to the positive.

So who is genuinely trustworthy – and who is just airbrushed to look that way?

What Are We Reading?

Do people post more when they like a company or when they don’t? What’s the psychology, anyway?

A recent online review survey by ReviewTrackers found, among other things, that consumers are more likely to leave a review after a negative experience (72%, or more than 7 out of 10 reviews). And a Harvard Business Review article last November warns companies of the hazards of social bias when opinions are narrowly based on liking or disliking. They found that a relatively few people – with lots of social media followers who agreed with them – could skew results one way or another with no relation to how good the product was.

Finding Service People Through Reviews Is Such a Time Suck, Anyway!

Exactly. Every time you need a job done, you have to research EVERYONE in a particular job category. When you have a few free hours, you can narrow down the service, location, and number of ★★★★ and $$$$ per company you feel you can put up with, and start emailing or calling. Then you wait to hear back to find someone YOU like: a company that seems like they might be good and is available when you need them!

Do you want to be continuously vetting home maintenance people every time you need repairs? Or do you want the continuity of one service that you can always rely on?

TrustEd at Home

We have the experience and integrity for keeping your house livable, across the board. A Home Care Plan includes regular home check-ups and maintenance, and we provide handyman services. You’ll get to know the smiling face of your regular Team Advocate who’ll let you know what we find each month. We recommend good people for additional home repairs – and we even can include budget plans.

Please contact us to learn more.



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