Life is Short – Have Fun and Let Us Do the Work!

You’re enjoying life now that you’re retired. Why not save your energy for the fun things and put your home maintenance on autopilot?

What Goes Into Owning a Home?

You know the answer to that question: PLENTY of constant work goes into owning a home! If you aren’t changing out items around the house – air filters, light bulbs, storm windows – or fixing stuff, you’re spending valuable time looking for a handyman willing to do the work for you!

Contractors and big-job specialists are easier to identify and evaluate online than handymen. What’s difficult nowadays is finding ANY odd-job generalist who’s willing (and available in the next two months!) to come to your home and sweat the small stuff.

We Think You Have Better Things to Do

Rather than wasting time fixing or finding (see section above), wouldn’t you prefer spending your days volunteering, taking a painting class with your spouse, or having a leisurely lunch al fresco? We think you’ve earned time off for years of good homeowner behavior!

When you have a Home Care Plan with TrustED at Home, you have a “go to” resource for your residential maintenance. You’ll get to know your regular Home Advocate, who’ll come by to check on your house each month. He’ll let you know what we find and provide handyman services to repair the things that need repairing.

Peace of Mind Is Our Goal for You

We’d also like to mention that you’re entitled to some peace of mind at this stage of your life – as in, not having to worry when there’s a sudden break down of a vital home system (ever lost your air conditioning during a D.C. August, anyone?).

Your Home Advocate is the person you call for emergency home repair. He helps locate and assess the problem, and project manages the residential service. We’ve heard from more than one client, “Finally! We didn’t have to worry about a plumber showing up or overcharging us to replace a toilet on an emergency call!”

Why Make Work for Yourself if You Don’t Have To?

Are you MORE than ready to concentrate on the good things in life, and let go of the “home work”?

We wholeheartedly support the idea of retirement as time for what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do. TrustED at Home has the experience and integrity to keep your house livable and maintain your property while you enjoy this special stage of your life.

Please contact us to learn more.

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