Are you a realtor that can help advise on staging but have to wait for an inspection to know whether the house is going to close?

Home Owner Ready To Sell?

Are you worried about the horror stories of friends and neighbors that were excited to finalize the sale only to find out LAST minute that they need to have work done on the house or loose money on the deal?

Staging Company?

Are you looking to improve your customer relations by providing an resource for their questions about whether the house is "in good shape"?


Get ahead of the stress!

TrustEd At Home's Home Assessment is an onsite 1.5 - 2 hour assessment of the structure and home systems. This collection of detail combined with recommendations as likely would be reviewed by a certified home inspector.  Once our Home Advocate reviews the site, TrustEd will deliver a Home Assessment Report within 3 business days along with any appropriate photos to advise on areas that could be addressed or should be considered to maintain the safety, quality and aesthetics. Whether making a home maintenance budget or during the critical time before you list your home for sale, the details included will help any homeowner, contractor or trade work with efficiency and thoroughness!

Avoid the surprise that derails!

Thinking about listing your home for sale? TrustEd At Home provides experienced staff that utilize our reporting systems to address what Home Inspectors are looking for when they determine the safety, quality and aesthetics of your house.

Whether to get ahead of your maintenance or as a pre-listing determination, the Home Assessment Reports are used by our clients to make informed decisions on timing, pricing and planning for any work to allow you every chance at top dollar when considering listing or valuing your house!


Set Up the Sale for Success!

Purchase your Home Assessment for $295 and we will call you back to schedule the next available date that works for you!