Wet Floor When It Rains. But WHERE is it Coming From?

This client had an issue because the floor around the fireplace of this house was getting wet when it rained a lot. The client asked to have the contractor to dig up the foundation and reseal any possible problem foundation.

Hmm… Is the foundation leaking really?
Nope. Turns out that the floor is above ground.

Is it the siding? or the roof? Nope. This house got a new roof and siding a few years ago. But that does send up a red flag on what to check next.

The problem was the chimney top (photo below). This discovery was made by peeling off the siding (photo at top) and following the trail of wet particle board all the way up.

The lesson here –
When you put a new roof on your house, ask them to make sure the chimney top is in good condition! 

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