When Mom and Dad Stop Taking Care of Their Home

Are you worried that your aging parents are letting their home fall apart? They aren’t the only ones who have shifted their priorities – many older people stop taking care of their homes for various reasons.

Maybe your dad is used to doing his own household repairs and doesn’t want to admit he needs help now. Or maybe your Mom’s vision loss or other physical changes are worse than you know; they could keep her from noticing that the oven door is broken or shingles have blown off the roof.

The number of repair options that exist can be overwhelming, and lead to doubt about whom to hire. Trust is a COMMON issue; your parents could be afraid of strangers who may take advantage of them. Unfortunately this is NOT an imaginary worry – crappy, but true. Everyone isn’t honorable!

A 2015 survey by the National Council on Aging found that older adults like your parents want to live in their homes as long as possible, but know they can’t take care of it by themselves:

  • 58% surveyed hadn’t changed residences in more than 20 years
  • 75% want to live in their current homes for the rest of their lives
  • 62% would like services that help with repairs and home modifications

It’s easy to understand that our parents can’t do everything they use to when they were younger. It’s a little harder to jump in and take over home repairs when parents are still stubbornly independent (we’ve all been there!).

Have you thought about taking yourself out of the mix? What if you could give your parents a trusted, third party source for home repairs whose work THEY could supervise and call if there’s an emergency?

You can! Sign up your loved ones for a Home Care Plan with TrustED at Home. We do regular home check-ups and maintenance, and offer handyman services each visit.  Our Team Advocates let your parents (and you) know what we find. Our recommendations for home repairs can include budget plans to cover maintenance.

With a dedicated Team Advocate, your parents get to see a helpful, friendly face every month without fail. And YOU get to feel confident that your loved ones are safe and their house well taken care of.

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