Who’ll Take Care of Your Home When You Can’t?

How do you picture you and your significant other taking care of the house when you’re older? Can you imagine one of you crawling around the roof to clean the gutters at age 75? (And if you can, let’s discuss the merits of that!)

People nowadays are living healthier and longer in their homes, not even considering transitioning out of home ownership until old age. The peak age most people move out is age 85, according to a 2012 report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. A whopping seven out of ten 85-year-olds still live in their own homes!

Obviously it’s super important to keep the house in good condition – that impacts your safety and health. Secondly, a large portion of Americans’ wealth is tied up in their homes. But in order to maintain property value, you have to maintain the property.

So, between ages 65 and 85, who’s going to maintain your home?

Make a Plan for Your Future

If you don’t yet have a plan, let’s have a conversation. TrustED At Home will take care of your home when you no longer can do it all by yourself. When you sign up for our Home Care Plan, we provide monthly home check-ups and maintenance. You’ll have a consistent, friendly Team Advocate who comes to your home – he’ll let you know each time what he finds and discuss next steps with you.

Nearly half of people over age 70 surveyed by AARP admit they can’t accomplish some tasks – or find it difficult to – without help. Before you get to that point, call TrustED. We want to be part of your solution for aging successfully at home.

Please contact us to learn more. TrustEd has the experience for keeping your house livable, to meet your changing needs.


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